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When we hit the drawing board to engineer the best contact patch in the market, we knew we had to set the bar high. The EFX Hammer tire is the single best hard pack A/T golf cart tire on the market, boasting the best contact patch, superior traction control and balanced off-road performance. We didn't stop there. The Hammer was also engineered with a shoulder tooth lug that grips, grabs and sticks when you need it most. We completely re-engineered the compound for a softer, smoother ride that conforms to your terrain. Available in a variety of sizes and applications, the all new Hammer tire is the tire you have been waiting for and the single most comfortable ride in the industry.
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Part # Size Outside Diameter Inside Diameter Min Rim Width Max Rim Width Weight Load Ply Tread Depth Construction MSRP USD
FA-828 22X9.50-10 22" 10" 9.5 9.5 18.20 lbs 750 4.0 12.7 BIAS $114.00
FA-831 22X9.5X12 22" 12" 9.5 9.5 18.50 lbs 750 4.0 12.7 BIAS $111.00
FA-829 23X9.50-12 23" 12" 9.5 9.5 19.50 lbs 750 4.0 12.7 BIAS $119.00
FA-830 23X9.50-14 23" 14" 9.5 9.5 21.20 lbs 750 4.0 12.7 BIAS $130.00

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